Documents for prospective students:

pdficon02  Download the School of Aeronautics brochure. Click “SOA brochure“.

pdficon02  Download the “Experience of Flying” article (in Spanish) published in the INTEResante. Click “La experiencia de volar“.

Documents for current students:

pdficon02  Download the School Safety Management System Manual.  Click “SMS Manual“.

pdficon02  Help us improve the School’s Safety by submitting Safety System Management Reports.  Click “SMS Report“.

pdficon02  Download the School Program Norms for flight students. Click “Flight Programs Norms“.

pdficon02  Download the Piper Archer III Procedure Guide. Click “Procedures Guide Archer III“.

pdficon02  Download the Piper Seminole Procedure Guide. Click “Procedures Guide Piper Seminole“.

Documents for instructors:

pdficon02  Download the Flight Instructor Norms. Click “Flight Instructor Norms“.

Student Refund Procedures 2021