photo0361Admission to Inter American University is granted at any registration period within the academic year. Admission is valid during the academic term for which it was granted. The validity of the admission may be extended, at the request of the student, for an additional period not greater than one academic semester or its equivalent. For detailed information of the admission options and requirements, refer to the University’s General Catalog.

Admission to the University does not imply admission to the Airways Sciences Programs (ASP). For the ASP’s specific admission requirements refer to the Airways Sciences section of this document.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants must:

  1. Present evidence of graduation from an accredited secondary school or its equivalent with a minimum grade point index of 2.50 for the Aircraft Systems Management program or 2.00 for the Aviation Sciences Management program.
  2. Present satisfactory scores in the Aptitude and English Achievement Tests of the College Board. Students whose first language is English may take the Scholastic Aptitude Test while those whose first language is Spanish may take the Prueba de Aptitud Académica.
    1. For more information on the Spanish version of the test (Prueba de Aptitud Academica y Aprovechamiento), please write to the College Board Puerto Rico and Latin America Office PO Box 71101 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8001
    2. For more information on the English version of the test (Scholastic Aptitude Test), write or call the Admissions Office of any of the Campuses for the Educational Testing Service address and phone number.
  3. Obtain a minimum admission index of 785. This is calculated by using the test results and the high school grade point index.
  4. Obtain a minimum result of 475 in Mathematics and 490 in English sections of the PAA test (College Board) or equivalent test.

Admission Procedure

Applicants must:

  1. Submit an online pre-application at: , or a , or obtain an application for admission from the Admissions Office of the Bayamón Campus or high school advisors or other authorized personnel.
  2. Submit the completed application to the Admissions Office of the Bayamon Campus, preferably by May 1, to apply for the fall semester, by November 15 to apply for the spring semester, and by April 15 to apply for the summer session. Students in their fourth year of high school are advised to apply as soon as they decide to study at this University. By applying before May, they will be able to receive a greater orientation about the University and its financial aid programs. Applications from military personnel whose duty assignments prevent them from filing on time will be accepted after these dates.
  3. Arrange for an official transcript of the high school record to be sent by an authorized representative of the secondary school to the Admissions Office of the Bayamo n Campus.
  4. Arrange to send the  applicable admissions test results to the Admissions Office of the Bayamon Campus.
  5. Submit an updated certificate of vaccination if the student is less than 21 years old, except students interested in taking courses in other countries through distance learning. Due to current coronavirus restrictions, proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing with negative results is also required.
Final decisions regarding applications will generally reach the applicant no later than three weeks after all application materials have been received by the University. If for any reason the University requires more time, the applicant will be notified. A personal interview of an applicant for admission may be required. Admission guidelines for International Students