Aeronautical Student Association

The name of this non-profit organization shall be the Aeronautical Student Association.  The Organization will from now on be referred to as A.S.A.

The Purpose of Aeronautical Student Association shall be:

  1. To promote the general welfare of the members by acting to achieve all stated objectives.
  2. To promote efficiency in the student education.
  3. To advance plans for improvement in aeronautical operations through communication and negotiation with management at all educational levels.
  4. To achieve the stated objectives of the A.S.A by any lawful means.

The Objectives of the Aeronautical Student Association shall be:

  1. To provide an organization which is legally empowered to represent its membership in such matters as educational conditions, formulation of personnel policy and practices and other actions which affect the education of the members, and to negotiate with management, when and where necessary, binding agreements per applicable regulations and statutes.
  2. To ensure that management provides a sound, definite, and equitable career and educational plan.
  3. To ensure that the IAU and management recognize the importance of the contribution of the students to the overall mission of the education, training and that the statute of the student reflects the professional attributes of his/her duties in the organization.
  4. To ensure that management actively seeks to enhance the position of its representatives by taking affirmative action to provide outstanding career professionalism throughout the individual’s career and education with the IAU.

Membership in A.S.A shall be per the by-laws and no applicant for membership shall be denied on account of race, age, color, religious belief or sex.  Honorary, non-participating membership in A.S.A may be afforded to any individual by consent of the active membership, per the by-laws.  No individual member of A.S.A may be nominated for, elected to, or hold any office in the A.S.A unless that individual is a member in good standing as defined in the by-laws.

Membership Benefits:

  1. The Aeronautical Students Association provides chapter recognition for academic excellence in aviation, an honor which can be noted on employment applications, curriculum vitae, and resumes.
  2. Through membership in Aeronautical Student Association, students can gain a sense of community with others in aviation.
  3. The Aeronautical Student Association provides a local forum for obtaining information and developing perspectives about the field of aviation, learning about educational and career opportunities.
  4. The Aeronautical Student Association facilitates leadership development and interaction with other students who have similar interests.
  5. Members receive a membership card, and certificate, and, through chapter activities thought the two semesters.
  6. The Aeronautical Student Association chapter activities provide students with valuable opportunities to develop one-on-one relationships with professors who can stimulate their interest in aviation, involve them in activities, community service projects, and can write meaningful letters of recommendation.
  7. As a member of the Aeronautical Student Association, you are eligible for special offers from S.A activities when you join as a member.

For more information contact the ASA’s counselor at:

  • Elvin Negrón Hernández
  • Counselor and CAI’s Librarian
  • 787-279-1912 ext. 2400
  • ASA Facebook